Could You Please Confirm The Status Of My Replica Watches?

I have just placed a Replica Watches UK order: Order No 1948 for a: Rolex GMT-Master II 50th Anniversary Automatic with Black Dial and Bezel and have paid for the replica watches uk. However I have just looked on my account and it shows another replica watches uk order:Order No 1947 for the same item and it says pay pending.

Can I please confirm that I only wanted to purchase 1 Replica Watch and do not want to be charges for 2. Can you please confirm that I have only been charges for 1 replica watch.

Would appreciate your help to reassure me that only 1 replica watches has been ordered. Many thanks for your help.

I am writing with reference to replica watches that I purchased from you on Saturday 7th January 2012, which was a bell and Ross br03 92. In your shipping details, you state that it takes around 2 working days to process the replica watches order and take 5-7 days to deliver.

It’s been nearly 4 working days and haven’t received any confirmation if the UK Replica Watches have been shipped Could you please confirm and advise me (email) a.s.a.p the status of my replica watches.

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