Rolex Uses A Matching Blue Color For The Length Of The GMT Hand On The dial

Under a loupe I was able to see that the line between black and blue is perfect without any fuzziness or bleeding. Even if there was any color bleeding, most people wouldn’t notice, but this is part of Rolex’s rather famous attention to crisp details. The older bezels were produced from aluminum which could be printed.

Though, aluminum bezel inserts are prone to wearing and scratching easily. Ceramic is clearly a better material and it is great to see Rolex Replica Watches finally releasing, in product form, some of the many processes and techniques that it has developed.

To compliment the rich blue tone of the bezel, Rolex uses a matching blue color for the length of the GMT hand on the dial. The result is a new looking Rolex GMT Master II that is a worthy addition to the product family.

No, it isn’t a revolutionary addition or change, but it does represent a new technology showing the know-how of Rolex Replica UK, and offers a new, very good looking option to those who have not yet had a reason to include a Rolex GMT Master II into their collection. At this point Rolex has offered Replica Watches UK with ceramic colors in black, green, blue, and brown.